Forensic Module

Abetter Forensic Edition has been especially developed for its use in forensic labs. It is the combination of the Abetter LIMS basis module and the forensic module resulting in spezialized forensic functions.Therewith the software enables raw data analysis with data directly from your sequencer as well as comprehensive biostatistical calculations including a reference database with allele frequencies, test kits and markers. Even more, specialized methods such as DNA isolation and STR-PCR, containers and reports for forensic issues are included and STR profiles can be stored.

Complete Raw Data Analysis

Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition integrates evaluation algorithms enabling high-throughput fragment analysis of fsa and hid raw data.  With it, it is a first-rate alternative to ABI GeneMapper software.
Size and allele calling algorithms are based on the EasyRead technology involving parameter of heuristic optimization, automatic peak detection via polynomial functions and smoothing.
The data can be read-in directly from ABI Data Collection Software or imported as fsa files. Additionally, you can import data from other ABI products such as GeneScan, Genotyper or GeneMapper and from Qualitype software.
To compare analyses of forensic mixtures, reference samples or replicate samples the forensic module provides specialized functionalities such as creation of virtual samples or main causer profiles.


Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition provides a wide range of biostatistical evaluation algorithms for different forensic questions, such as evaluation of mixed samples via likelihood ratio and RMNE method, kinship analyses, paternity investigations, chimerism analyses as well as X- and Y-chromosomal analyses.
All calculations are taking the recommendations of the German Stain Commission and ISFG into account.
It is also possible to evaluate data of different multiplex PCR kits at once – even of kits for autosomal and gonosomal loci.

Contamination Control

Special features of Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition are contamination controls. With it you can store genotypes of laboratory staff and other staff to detect contaminations.
Additionally, cross-contamination between samples of same containers can be identified easily.

Genetic Reference Data

Biostatistical calculations require population data that is provided by an integrated population database with allele frequency tables for all commercial markers. The database has been compiled according to scientific guidelines and contains more than 50 different populations.



Case Management

Cases, exhibits, samples and all related data are stored and managed in databases. In combination with Abetter Case Management it is possible to store these data even cross-departmental. 

Your Benefit

||| Developed in Cooperation with Forensic Scientists

Abetter LIMS  Forensic Edition has been developed in close cooperation with forensic scientists for a best adaption to the special demands in the forensic area.

||| Specialized Functionalities for Forensic DNA Labs

The program provides specific features for an ideal adaption to a forensic DNA lab such as fsa and hid raw data analysis, biostatistical calculations, storing of genotypes and STR profiles and contamination controls including cross contamination.

||| No Need of Additional Software for Raw Data Analysis

Abetter LIMS Forensic Edition includes evaluation algorithms enabling high-throughput fragment analysis of fsa and hid raw data. With it, it is a first-rate alternative to ABI GeneMapper software and you can save the costs of additional software for raw data analysis.

||| Complete Integration of Case Management in LIMS

The full data management of all departments of an entire forensic institute can be integrated into Abetter LIMS including cases, court exhibits, requests and orders via Abetter Case Management.

||| Use in State Offices of Criminal

The software is used recently in various State Offices of Criminal (for example LKA Niedersachsen, LKA Sachsen, LKA Schleswig-Holstein) in Germany.

||| Forensic Expertise for Many Years

Our software is established in the forensic working area and has been employed by many users since.